BRG Energy Inc.

BRG Energy Inc. Company Profile


BRG Energy Inc. is a privately held independent oil and gas company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company's primary business involves the acquisition of producing properties and low risk developmental drilling for its own account and also for accredited individual investors. BRG's operations are located primarily in East Texas, Western Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle.

The company's philosophy revolves around a low-risk development, or "exploitation" type drilling program. Prospects are originated in proven producing areas attempting to develop oil and gas reserves from known deposits. BRG strives for consistent results at acceptable economic levels rather than the sporadic results linked to pure exploration programs. Cost control is a major factor in maintaining this consistency. BRG does not employ marked-up drilling contracts; turnkey or otherwise, and competitive bids are obtained on all goods and services. All savings resulting from this bid process are passed through to the partners. BRG is known and respected throughout the industry as a fair, but shrewd and efficient operator relying on its vast experience in industry affairs and hard work ethics.